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Strengths and Weaknesses of Multiple Intelligences

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Strengths and Weaknesses



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  • W- Gardner's Multiple Intelligences are cognitively based.
  • W- What determines intelligence?
  • W- Excludes students with particular performances in only one intelligence area.
  • W- Are these intelligences or just 'abilities'? And what is the difference?
  • W- It doesn't explain why some people are more intelligent than others.
  • W- These 'intelligences' are not all essential for successful adaption.
  • W- Ultimately there is not really much HARD scientific evidence.


  • S- Gardner's view on Intelligence goes hand in hand with scholastic performance.
  • S- The different intelligences help point out which ares students need help in.
  • S- Verbal/Linguistic-Writing, reading, memorizing dates, thinking in words, telling stories.
  • S- Mathematical/Logical-Math, logic, problem solving, reasoning, patterns.
  • S- Visual/Spatial-Maps, reading charts, drawing, mazes, puzzles, imagining things, visualization.
  • S- Bodily/Kinesthetic-Athletics, dancing, crafts, using tools, acting.
  • S- Musical-Picking up sounds, remembering melodies, rhythms, singing.
  • S- Interpersonal-Leading, organizing, understanding people, communicating, resolving conflicts, selling.
  • S- Intrapersonal-Recognizing Strenghts and weaknesses, setting goals, understanding self.
  • S- Naturalistic-Understanding nature, making distinctions, identifying flora and fauna.
  • S- Helps to explain the variety of individual differences in different types of mental performances.
  • S- Based in developmental, clincial, case study and educational evidence.

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Multiple Intelligences

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